No solvents.

Floors treated with synthetic solvents usually release volatile substances inside the home even many years after they were laid. Although in smaller measure, even water-based varnishes can pose the same threat. Listone Giordano pays careful attention to all the materials that are used in the creation of wood flooring and uses only ecological and non-toxic products.

This meticulous attention becomes even more vital when talking about finishes. The highly resistant Naturplus, Mattplus and Xplus varnishes are applied to the wood with a special process that uses ultraviolet light to catalyze them.

Unlike to what happens with the more common and popular varnishes and paints, the Listone Giordano varnishes have a dry residue of 100% of the product, meaning that no solvents were evaporated into the atmosphere. Not during production and not afterwards. It is a responsible choice that spares the environment and the health of people.

Finitua Xplus

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