No preservatives.

Buying the normal daily foodstuffs we enjoy now involves a great deal more reading than it once did. The list of ingredients is long, as well it should be. Many health-conscious consumers today always read the part on the label that lists the preservatives as well. These are widely used substances with the undoubted benefit of preserving the food all the way from the plant to the shelves for a longer time. But it is probably a good idea to limit their consumption to prevent them from building up in our bodies.

And the same thing is true of wood. The use of preservatives is permitted and widespread, but the client is not always as concerned about them as they are about food additives. Pentachlorophenol, for example, is a widely used disinfectant and pesticide used by the producers and sellers of wood in the early and intermediate stages of the long process to preserve the wood when it is still fresh or for when stockpiled in the warehouse.

Listone Giordano, thanks to the fact that they control the entire production process from start to finish, offers the consumer a further guarantee. That of knowing how to preserve the wood naturally. And therefore preserving the health of those who choose it as a life’s companion in their home.