Listone Giordano Care.

How to clean the wood floor
with cleaning products.

Cleaning? It couldn’t be easier! Run your vacuum cleaner over the floor to remove all the loose surface dirt. Done regularly, this operation makes sure it is always be clean, which will make the floor very happy. It will prevent tiny, almost invisible, but hard particles (grains of sand, for example) from putting minute scratches on the varnish and thus damaging it in the long run.

For all finishes.
Clean is green bio.

Two simple operations done at least once a week are all it takes to keep Listone Giordano floors clean. Here’s what you do:

01. Use a good vacuum cleaner to remove all the loose, dry, solid dirt.

02. Use your normal mop to wash the floor with water into which you have dissolved the special Green Bio detergent (2%, or a half cup every five litres of water). The cleanliness of the floor is guaranteed simply by washing the surface. You can clean the floor as often as you like, according to need.