The Listone Giordano

Xplus, Naturplus, Mattplus.
Maximum protection, zero maintenance.

Xplus, Naturplus and Mattplus are well-know solutions offered by Listone Giordano for varnish finishes. They provide elegant beauty and complete ease of use. They are special UV dried finishes with a 100% dry residual (that is, without any solvents). All are highly resistant and require no maintenance whatsoever.

Xplus provides a smooth surface with a semi-glossy finish of about 18 GU.

Naturplus is associated with a light brushing treatment of the surface that highlights the grain and natural character of the wood. It stands out for its satiny 8 GU glow.

Compared to the previous treatments, Mattplus goes further in preserving the natural colours and tactile sensations of the oak in its original state. It is more opaque than the other finishes, with a 4 GU. All of Listone Giordano’s varnishes have a remarkable balance between elasticity and hardness, vitally important parameters to ensure the greatest resistance to foot traffic.


The shine of a varnish is measured by an optical device known as a gloss meter, which determines the amount of light that reflects off the surface at a particular angle. The result is expressed in Gloss Units (GU) that go from a scale of 0 to 100, with the lowest corresponding to the least brilliance or the highest level of opacity. The higher values are, of course, shinier. The Listone Giordano values refer to measurements taken at a reflection angle of 60°.