The strength
of multilayer birch

One of the strong points of Listone Giordano is the special intertwined fibre, a system patented by Prof. Guglielmo Giordano. The multilayer birch support is an extraordinary high-tech material that is the result of blending nature’s constructive genius with man’s inventiveness. Its unequalled mechanical resistance and the fact that the bonded elements retain their grip even under the most stressful of conditions means it is still used today for extremely high technological situations such as airplane cockpits and the hulls of ships. Why birch and not some other type of wood? Because the resistance along birch wood fibre is 30% stronger than that of pine wood, for example. When cut equally thick, therefore, the birch is also that much more stable.

It is a broadleaf tree that grows quickly and thus ensures a more rational use of forest resources. It is therefore not surprising that a cubic metre of birch multilayer has a monetary value comparable to planks with a surface layer made of other types of wood. And it will also not come as a surprise that Listone Giordano proudly claims it has not one, but two layers of fine wood. On the top, for improved elastic performance, is a high quality surface layer made of one of the most beautiful types of wood. Under it, for improved technical performance, is a high quality layer of the strongest wood.