An inexhaustible resource with zero impact
More oxygen, less carbon dioxide
Real wood or faux wood?
I am real, just like you.

Real wood or faux wood?
Real wood or faux parquet?

I am real,
just like you.

There are many products on the market today that can be mistaken for true wood flooring, but only because they imitate the appearance. The most common of these are wood-effect plastic flooring sheets and ceramic tiles. Vinyl, melamine and laminates belong to the first category. These products consist of composite materials covered in a thin layer of plastic or decorative film made on special paper or laminate, which can reproduce just about any pattern or design. Imitations created by digital printing onto ceramic tiles are just as common. Although the eye may be easy to trick, just touch it with your hand and you’ll feel the difference. It is not so much the aesthetics, but the substance. The real thing cannot be imitated… ever.

It is a value we recognize in the people around us, but it is also in the things with which we have close daily contact. Our home reflects us. With real wood you will express true warmth and naturalness. The same is not true of faux wood. Look at it this way: would you ever give someone a plastic flower to express your true feelings?