Guglielmo Giordano.
The history
of an italian invention

It was 1984 when Prof Guglielmo Giordano had a brilliant idea and created a wooden floor plank with revolutionary characteristics. It was a great step forward in terms of technology that all at once took the performance of traditional parquet floors to new heights. A new era had dawned. Stability, precision, reliability, beauty, long-life and respect for the environment are still the keywords to this huge success. It is the history of a new product, an expression of Italian genius and style, one that conquered the world. It all started with a scientific study on an innovative type of support that could give wood improved balance and stability by using the strength of the wood itself.

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Many further improvements were later added. Like the selection of the finest wood right in the forest where it grows, to ecologically friendly finishing treatments, precise mechanical processing and sophisticated selection criteria all the way to the most advanced frontiers in the new shapes and surfaces that were the leaders in contemporary design. Because Listone Giordano, just like wood, is always evolving. Yet all the while it remains true to itself.

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A balance between strength and controllability. Much of the technological progress of mankind results from this particular research. But it is only in the great inventions that the formula is fully achieved. The two layers that make up Listone Giordano are the perfect balance between the natural solidity provided by the top layer and the resistance provided by the technology of the multilayered support below it. This is what is at the heart of Prof. Guglielmo Giordano’s patent. It is a perfect equation that exploits the calibrated opposition of the forces of nature to obtain a precise result: a product that is extraordinarily stable and displays all the beauty wood has to offer in a new way.

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Margarita (CN) 1904 - Florence 2000. University professor, an internationally renowned researcher and expert on wood, Giordano is considered one of the foremost authorities in the scientific community specialized in wood. In 1974 he was named professor of wood-technology at the University of Florence and he travelled all over the world (Argentina, Brazil, Pakistan and Turkey) for such international organizations as the UNO, ECE and FAO. He founded the National Institute of Wood Research (of Italy’s National Research Institute) in 1954, he wrote several very important technical papers and edited prestigious Italian and international encyclopaedia (Treccani, Hoepli, Sansoni, Utet). His many books have been translated into a variety of languages and he has published some 200 articles. The body of work of Guglielmo Giordano features among the main bibliographical references regarding wood on an international level.