Three collections. Three lifestyles.
The woods. Our best fabrics

The woods.

Our best fabrics.

When a great gown is crafted, the first step is the selection of the best possible fabric. In order to do that, the designer must be intimately familiar with every aspect of its aesthetics and what sort of personality it exudes. Wood is nature’s fabric. Each type bears the traces of its origin and of the passage of time. And each has its own fascinating story to tell.


Biosphera is a marking system based on Listone Giordano’s policy of green procurement, a response to the need to provide the consumer with clear, transparent and concise information about the provenance of the materials used. It places its focus exclusively on the topic of safeguarding woods and forests, with special attention to its use in multilayer wood flooring. Therefore it is not meant to replace the more common international certification protocols, which usually refer to wider fields of interest and application. Listone Giordano, through Biosphera, strives to promote the culture of environmental responsibility and the purchase of certified wood species among its clients.