The selectors,
expert wood artists

Once the basic choice of precious raw materials has been made, there is a second type of selection that needs to take place, this time during the processing phase. This step involves dividing the planks into the aesthetic categories desired for a wide range of end products. In some cases this means uniformity of colour and purity, while in others the opposite is sought to enhance the authentic character and highlight the natural markings of the material itself. It is an operation that requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure that every item is a work of art starting from scratch. At Listone Giordano, the selection of the wood is considered on par with a form of art.


After all, it too is the result of the meeting of two extraordinary factors: the finest raw material and man’s genius. It takes many years to learn how to select wood. The process involves learning everything there is to know about wood, how to read the design in its streaks and the grain, understanding the various hues and shades that may not be immediately visible. It is a heritage of inimitable values. The balance and the beauty of a Listone Giordano floor springs from nature. But it blossoms only when man’s distinctive touch works its magic. And that is why it has no equal.