The resistance

Listone Giordano varnish finishes are well trained and willing to face even the hardest of tests. They pass international requisites with flying colours and are all classified in the highest performance categories of the UNI 11622-1 regulations regarding the resistance to abrasion, which deems them suitable not just for residential use, but also for busy public spaces with high foot traffic. It is a comprehensive result that required the varnishes to pass a whole series of severe resistance tests. The categories are as follows.

Abrasion resistance: guarantees excellent grip over time when subjected to the wear and tear of foot traffic. Resistance to liquids: guarantees the best protection for the surface when subjected to the most common domestic liquids.
Resistance to impact: measures the elasticity of the finish and its capacity to give without breaking following the fall of an object and the consequent slight deformation of the wood.
Resistance of the gloss: verifies glossiness when subjected to normal rubbing.
Resistance to tearing: tests the perfect grip of the varnish to the wood.
Resistance to oxidation: requires the varnish to pass an accelerated aging QUV test and a Xenon test to see how it holds up to solar rays. Listone Giordano, where the resistance Olympics never end.