Measuring resistance
to abrasion.
taber test.

The Taber test is an international method that can also be used to test the abrasion resistance of varnishes on wood flooring. The test result is expressed in the number of revolutions needed to completely wear the varnish away and therefore compromise the integrity of the wood below. The test involves mounting a specimen on a table set between a special rotating axis and abrasive wheels.

In order to be completely reliable and comparable, the results must be expressed in terms of a specific regulation and, more importantly, the abrasion factor applied. The abrasion resistance factor is a reflection of one aspect of a varnish’s performance, but it is not by any means the only one. A comprehensive evaluation of the quality of a varnish is always the result of an overall vision of the component elements, which are often in competition with one another. And above all of the balanced combination of the technical parameters and aesthetic factors. Xplus, Naturplus and Mattplus were tested by the CATAS lab in compliance with UNI 11622 and achieved certification for spaces with high foot traffic.