Can it be laid in the bathroom and kitchen?

Thanks to its excellent levels of stability and highly protective finishes, Listone Giordano can be laid in any room of the home, including the kitchen and the bathroom, without any problem. In fact, it is in these rooms that wooden floors are enjoyed the most, offer the greatest satisfaction. The rooms where the family plays out its life are those where few materials can offer a warmer embrace – or a deeper sense of wellbeing - than fine wood. Why break up the continuity of natural wood in the house?

Those who still think of parquet as a delicate type of flooring may have problems accepting the idea or even following their architect’s advice on this. But they would do well to rethink their opinion, because this view has long since lost any foundation in truth and may actually deprive the homeowner of a great opportunity. Modern-day construction techniques now allow for wood flooring in every room of the house, regardless of the room’s function and without worrying that it might be harmed. To ensure the best performance levels over time in the bathroom and kitchen, all you need is a bit of old-fashioned common sense. Just make sure you don’t spill corrosive acidic products or aggressive, low-alkaline, grease-busting products on it that can leave dark blotches.

And water?
No problem. Just wipe the wet surface dry and try to prevent water from pooling in any one place for any extended period of time. If you are thinking of flooring with a varnished finish, you might consider having the grooves and tongues of the planks destined for the more vulnerable areas to be treated before they are laid with an extra precautionary product called Sigilplus. It will provide the floor with even better protection against liquids seeping through the seams if left for prolonged periods of time.

Floors with Invisible Touch water-based finish do not require this sort of special treatment, as they are already rendered impermeable by the simple use of the standard maintenance product, Vitanova. And the same is true of floors with an Oleonature finish, as they are automatically protected along the grooved edges and heads by the penetrative power of their maintenance product, Revivo. In any case, it is a good idea to treat the floor right after it has been laid.