Small mishaps
in the home.
How to prevent
and fix?

Under normal circumstances, Listone Giordano wood flooring can be used in the same carefree manner as any other type of flooring (ceramic tile, stone, etc…). Small accidents can happen, and these should not be worrisome. Water spills but is eas to mop up, without any damage unless it is left to puddle for long periods of time. And if there is localized damage of some sort, it is usually easy to repair using a repair product specific to each finish.

But if there is more serious damage, no problem! With a professional intervention you can always substitute one or more of the damaged planks. That said, it is obviously better to prevent than to repair. A few simple acts can help your floor remain as beautiful as the day it was laid. To prevent denting from heavy weights concentrated in a small spot, try putting protective felt pads under the feet of the furniture. If your sofa has little wheels, cover them in rubber. Putting a mat down at the front door for people to wipe their feet on may seem like a boring suggestion, but your parquet floor will be most appreciative as the main source of its stress – minute particles of dirt and sand – is kept outside.