What are
the hardest woods?

All the types of wood used to make flooring, even though they have different physical and mechanical characteristics, have the right hardness for the job they were designed to do and will therefore live up to the task. It is true that the harder woods (oak or cabreuva) are more suitable to places where foot traffic is heavy, compared with softer woods like maple or teak.

But the difference in their resistance levels is not so great as to be a decisive factor in the final choice. It is above all the colour, the type of grain and how it fits in with the interior design, as well as the buyer’s own personal taste, that should be the determining factors. On the other hand, remember that a floor is not a piece of furniture. Nor is it a car.

It was designed to be walked on and calmly enjoyed. Little signs of the small and big events of life over time enrich it and give it personality, a history, beauty. Exactly like the face of a person. At the end of the day, it is the legacy of these memories which turn a simple parquet flooring into something that belongs to you, and you alone. Yet there is the added bonus: compared to all other types of flooring, you can, at any time, bring your floor back to its original lustre simply by sanding it. Over and over again.