Listone Giordano
Doesn’t come apart.
The Japanese JAS test.

The grip of the glue between the top layer and its support underneath is one of the hidden values that differentiates the various qualities of multilayered engineered parquet. A floor of this type, compared with a higher constructive complexity offers superior mechanical performance, but it does not compromise. Reliability is everything in this case. The formula of the Listone Giordano adhesive used between the top layer and its support was perfected to such a degree that it differs depending on the type of wood. It is applied with unique technological methods that require long periods of waiting, but the result is well worth it. Security is not an optional.

The result: Listone Giordano was the first wood flooring ever to pass the JAS test, the Japanese Agricultural Standard test, used to assess delamination and considered the severest test to evaluate the bonding quality of adhesives. The test came about in Japan to assess the bond between layers of the plywood used in the construction of anti-seismic buildings. Samples are subjected to a five hour long cycle of gruelling stress tests that include being boiled and then quick-dried with hot air.