Surface treatments

Depending on the type of treatment it undergoes, a single plank of wood can assume a wide variety of textures and personalities. Brushing is a treatment done with special tools that remove the softer parts of the wood to make the surface fluid, it also highlights the design of the wood’s own beautiful grain. Hence the name: Filigrana, or Filigree. The Filo di lama, or blade’s edge, preserves the distinctive marks left on the wood when it is milled, giving it an old fashioned flair, but also a very modern spirit. Traccia, or Trace, brings back memories of how wooden floors were once finished, when they were laboriously planed by hand to even them out and give them a smooth surface. It was hard work that produced elegant results and offered a distinct beauty and unmistakeable sensation when walked on. The beauty and texture of wood recovered from the oceans, worn down by water and sea salt, graced with an irregular surface dotted with knots and other natural markings in the wood. This is what you get with Mareggiata, or Sea Storm, a treatment that has an authentic and decisive look.