What sort
of parquet is
suited to pets?

Do you love your four-legged friend? Well, wood flooring offers him a welcome as warm as a heartfelt hug. The spirit of welcome lives in its very fibre. And the doors at Listone Giordano are always open to dogs as well. Do pets and parquet get along? Dogs and cats may not get along, but they would certainly agree on one thing: Parquet.

It is a surface that feels good under their feet. And not just their feet! Their owners can also relax. Parquet presents no problems where cats and other small animals are concerned. But it’s not just a question of a silent footfall, but the weight. The parquet won’t even know they are there! And does kitty-kitty like to ‘file’ her sharp little nails now and again? A wood as hard and protected as the parquet does not provide an inviting prospect. She’ll have to find a nice bit of rope, or some fabric for that.

In any case, a handy scratching post should take care of that problem! And spare the sofa too! If Fido is a bit big, or has a few extra pounds on him then you may have to change some habits. Perhaps it would be best not to play fetch along the hallway so that he doesn’t have to come to screeching halts to avoid dangerous curbs. But not just for the parquet’s benefit.
Dogs usually only use their nails out of doors, on soft terrain. But even if it were to happen in the home, now and again, worse things have happened. A resistant and practical oil finish like Oleonature lets you care for your floors easily, helps you resolve little problems. And all the more if you combine it with surface treatments like Filigrana, Traccia, Filo di lama or Mareggiata, which go far in hiding, if not completely getting rid of, the signs of wear and tear.

Even a non-glossy varnish finish, the type used on lightly brushed surfaces, like Naturplus or Mattplus, can go far in meeting your needs. In any case, Crystalcare® – the antibacterial finish that watches over your parquet day and night - makes sure your floor is always as hygienic as it can be.